My Plans + Goals for 2018 Featuring The Beret Trend

Hey lovers, after much thoughts I decided to make a post about my plans and goals for 2018 which I already wrote since last year.

This is the very first time I am consciously making plans and goals for the year, so, I do feel nervous about it…. But I am enthusiastic. 

I made this post so as to keep myself accountable and in check…. And in as much as I’d like to move silently, I also want to carry my blog fam along if you know what I mean.

My Outfit

I wanted to go for a street style look, and I achieved this by pairing my denim with a Camisole. I went for distressed denim because i love them(they add sass to my look when i don’t even try to be sassy)…lol. To add some extra edge to the look I threw on this Shirt I got from a friend’s wardrobe and wore a Red Beret(which I got here) to add more colour to the look. Pulled on my favourite sandals which I already wore here. I see two trends in this look; The boyfriend shirt and the Beret trend.

Other ways to style this look whilst eliminating the basic

*Without the beret- throw on a belt to highlight your curves😍 

*Without the Shirt- just so you can show off your great skin😊

*Without the denim- if you want to put them great legs on show😉

Back to my plans and goals

Okay so, I segmented my them into 3; Personal, Beauty and Blogging Goals. Moving forward, here are the analytics of what they entail….lol.

Personal Goal

-Get glowy skin

-Be more Positive towards life

-Workout more often and get fit

-Improve style game

-Eat more Fruits and Veggies

-Be more social and be helpful to others

-Mind my business and Drink a lot of water

-Learn a language…. (Am interested in German or Spanish)

-Hit 10k or more on Instagram… Yeah I’d love to.

Beauty Goals

-Wear Makeup more often

-Tick some products off my wishlist( I will make a post about this later)

-Go all the way organic from skincare to hair

Blogging Goals

-Make a proper logo; get hosting for my blog

-Do a blog makeover(apparently this is a continuous exercise)

-Officially launch my blog

-Use better photography tools

-Blog intentionally this year; including fashion and style tips and tricks

-Collaborate with Other Bloggers and Brands

-Get nominated for being an awesome blogger 

-Earn my first #100,000…. Yes I want to earn some thousands after putting in so much effort.

  So, there you have it guys…. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I did writing it. 

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @iamashabee, till next time…. 




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