UrbanWear Brand, Fashion Victim Debuts with “Belief” Collection

Urban wear brand Fashion Victim debuts with “Belief” Collection. @the.fashionvictim

Fashion enthusiast and creative director Funmi Coker has always wanted to launch her own fashion label. Taking advantage of the goodwill of turning 22 on the 22nd of January she is launching Fashion Victim, an urban wear brand. Driven by the motivation to bring variation to staple urban pieces, Fashion victim offers a unique perspective on fabric and cuts for urban tops, outerwear and bottoms. 

The debut presentation features black and white tees emblazoned with the brand’s logo and with the slogan; “my ancestor’s wildest dream”, a snippet to what the brands aims to offer in the future.

Shot against a background of green vegetation and cut-down wood lumbers, in the academic district of Obafemi Awolowo University, the shoot features lifestyle influencer Yemi Adebayo (Palms) of Humansofoau, Stylist Seyitan Harvey alongside the Funmi Coker.

Photography: @Zeek_photography

Creative Direction/Styling: @thefunmicoker

MUA: @Tayo.Coker

Muse: @adebayo_palms @seyitan_harvey

#FashionVictim #UrbanBrand #IAmMyAncestorsWildestDream


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