4 Tips For a Flawless Hydrated Skin this Harmattan

Hello, everyone…. Welcome back to my blog and if you are reading for the first time, you are very welcome. 

I know its been a minute, have been occupied with life, at some point it was just the inability to come up with something to write😓…. It will get better hopefully.

In today’s post, I’d be talking about the Harmattan season which I believe is creeping in already. With the cold mornings, low temperature, sunny afternoons and dusty roads as signs of it creeping in. Coming with its own favors, like low temperature that makes breeding for mosquitoes almost impossible thereby reducing the incidence of malaria.

The skin, usually dry with accompanying cracking of the lips, sole of the feet and even the skin itself. I’d be sharing with y’all how to achieve that flawless hydrated skin in this harmattan season.

 They include;

-Drink Water: This is a very important tip, apart from the weather condition…. It is very healthy for you to do this. It helps the skin maintain its natural glow and of course,in this weather condition when the sun is intensified in all its glory thereby making you easily fatigued and tired, it’d help you stay hydrated.

Shea Butter in Picture Above

– Use Moisturizers: Applying moisturizers will help reduce the dryness of your skin. Am a lover of all things natural, so I’d recommend that you use Shea butter and/or essential oils like Coconut oil, also because they come with SPF protecting your skin from sun damage. You can also make use of Vaseline to avoid cracked lips and soles.

Picture from @anike_herbalsolutions….

– Use Sunshades: As I earlier mentioned in the first tip, in this season the sun is intensified in all its glory, therefore you would want to protect your eyes from the sun rays. Also, to protect your eyes from sand particles from the dust.

The Sun did not come to play….Neither did I😊

– Carry a Handkerchief: To protect your nose from sniffing in the dust into your respiratory system.

That’s it for this post guys, kindly share with me in the comment section other ways you know to achieve a flawless hydrated skin this season apart from the ones mentioned above, I’d be glad to read them all…. Also, don’t forget to like,and follow me too.

See you in my next post guys…. 

Merry Xmas in advance🎉




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