Self-Affirmations to Imbibe Everyday

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog and if you are new here..welcome to my blog. 

 A lot has been happening with me lately, my birthday is in 2 days time FAM….I am excited, I am grateful and I am enthusiastic.

 Talk of being enthusiastic, there’s no word that is useless. Words you say to yourself or people say to you radiate energy towards you(positive or negative energy) but really to me what you say/think of yourself has more effect on you. So here are a few of the things/words I say to myself..

** I am enough. 

** Everything will be okay and tomorrow is going to be a better day. This is something I tell myself in difficult times.

** I am not a failure. This I say to myself at times when I try something new and it doesn’t work out. This is to nudge myself to keep trying.

** I am worthy. My worth is not attached to my skills or beauty or outlook in general. I am worthy because am alive.

** I am beautiful and pretty. There was a time when this was really useful. I talked about one of times like that here

**I have a great body. Now, there are times when I look at my scars and feel like crying or just feel weird. I remind myself with these words that my scars notwithstanding, I do have a great body.

**I am a river of love. Yes, because sometimes I get angry at people around me, myself, I tend to push people away. But when I say this to myself, it helps me realise just how much love I possess and can give.

**I live in today but am confident of tomorrow. I have been feeling and thinking of what tomorrow has in stock for me lately especially cus I’d soon be +1, so yeah this has been in use lately.

**I inspire someone. When I tell myself this, I realise just how important my smile is to someone, it helps me to stay happy regardless.

**I am blessed and loved. God loves me and am blessed.

**I have a valid dream and they will come true. Real soon.

There’s no doubt I do have my down moments when am actually uncontrollable. Lol, but these are words of affirmations that get my head right in the game and keep me going.What do you tell yourself when you feel down? Feel free to share with me in the comment section, I can’t wait to read them.




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