The Type of Friends You Need….

Hello everyone, its been a while… But hey! I missed being here. 

Friends, Friends, Friends…. We make some, and then loose some and then the cycle continues, lol. So, in my little experience of relationship with friends, I believe that there are just some friends that we really don’t need in our lives and there are some that are really worth keeping close. In this post, I’d be talking about those that are worth keeping.

Essentially, it is important to keep at the back of our minds that friendships are not a roller coaster ride and therefore, issues will occur as they are inevitable. So, this post is not to tell you that there won’t be problems but of course, that they are scaled through…. Together.

We have the Coach; this type of friend is most likely someone you don’t speak to all the time, but when you do, she recharges you and helps you feel more confident about your future. This type of friend offers you life training and/or advice from their own experiences to tell you that a bad phase you going through will pass. 

Then there’s the Comic Relief type of friend; ever need to unwind and cool off? Remember to invite them to the get away. With this type of friend, there is never a dull moment. Their presence lightens up your mood with smiles and laughter. This person makes you feel that there’s a good in every bad happening and helps you to laugh the pain away ultimately helping you go through tragedis with a positive mindset.

Ever feel like ranting about something that you are not pleased with? Or, you need to air your opinions about a topic that has got you sleepless? Get you a friend that listens, and is able to digest every word without misunderstanding you. The listener is a type of friend is trustworthy, they understand your pains and the struggle behind every victory. They are also very selfless in nature.

There’s the Intellectual friend too that helps you get past any academic block you experiencing. Not just academically, these type of friends are able to offer you insightful ideas and advice on any life challenge as well as motivate you to be yourself and stay original. 

Do you ever need to pass a message without having to talk? Or you ever want to say something without having to hold back on some words? You need a Soul Sister in your life then. This type of friends understand every gaze, smile, laugh and they can see right through you without you having to say a word. This can be your sibling- or a friend you met and clicked with while on a trip. With them, there are no boundaries and limits to what you can talk about. 
What type of friend are you? And have you found your Soul Sister? Let’s interact.

See you in my next post.




2 thoughts on “The Type of Friends You Need….

  1. You didn’t tell us what kind of friend you are. That’s what I am more curious about. All these are good traits to have, but I really don’t think that deeply when it comes to my friend, my friend is my friend, until we have a fallout or we drift apart. I’m not the sort of person whose friends influence the way I live my life and all the other things. So I can have a friend for the sake of friendship alone, does that make sense?

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  2. Hey babe! The type of friend I am can only be opinated by my friends,but I can say I can be various type of friends to you depending on the situation and our relationship… And sure, it totally makes sense to have a friend for friendship sakes…❤


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