Believe in Miracles: Be You

Hey lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, thanks for all the love in my previous post… and if you are new here; welcome.

Am currently listening to Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”.

Speaking of being just the way you are; one thing I have come to realise and learn is that people will always have an opinion about you.

Gbemi, you talk too much; Gbemi, you care too much; Gbemi this, Gbemi that(fill your name instead). 

Truth is, despite all these…. There’s something in you that makes you unique.

My outfit: Denim jean and Shoes from aleshinloye market, Ibadan. And the Tee is a thrifted item I got from a lady while I was making my hair sometime ago. You can tell the Tee inspired this post, yeah it did.

Our names are different, and so is our being! There’s something about you that separates you from the crowd. We can do the same thing differently; the difference is how we go about it and that’s what makes us different.

” Find your own light”.

Put your heart to being you, make your own decisions. No one can be a best version of you; even if they try, the difference will separate you from the fake.

“Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best”.
People will speak down on your personality and try to paint a negative version of whom they think you are, they will try to manipulate you; but embrace you and don’t be shaken.

” The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither do you need anything but be yourself”.- Lao Tzu.

Personally, I believe I am good enough, smart enough,fine enough, and strong enough and no one can be compared to me. What about you?




9 thoughts on “Believe in Miracles: Be You

  1. You’re so on point dear. It’s only the value you place on yourself that people will equate to you. It has to start from being comfortable with being you. Lovely writeup dear.

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