Skincare Product Haul + Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Am so excited and grateful; ‘cus its a new month and its another opportunity to start again. Happy new month to y’all!! 

Thanks for visiting my blog, have been receiving all your love and I must say that am so glad. Thank you so much guys.

In today’s post, I’d be talking about my latest skincare haul and review. Let’s dig in,shall we?!

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I basically came across the page online on Instagram earlier this year, February precisely.

Just after 4 days of usage 

I made my first order in March during a sale, although, I was not so enthusiastic about it, especially because of the risk that comes along with buying online. Now am glad I did because it brought me out of my Skincare Product Changing Frenzy ….lol.

Left: The former bag design Right: The new bag design

 In this package, I have; Black Soap with Cucumber Extract, Glowing Cream, Facial Mask, Brightening Serum.

The package also comes with a Product Manual. 

Price details and package details below.

*Black Soap with Cucumber Extract: Price: 3,500ngn. It comes in a container and this is the first time I am actually trying this product out. I was using the Black Soap with Carrot before now. So, I really don’t have much to say about it for now.

*Glowing Cream: Price: 2,500ngn. I usually mix the Brightening Serum in this for more visible effect. Basically, this gives my skin an immediate glow(natural)… I mean your skin will be glowing as if you applied a makeup highlight. Lol. I apply this on my skin after every bath.

After 4 months of usage…. Consistency is key

*Facial Mask: Price: 1,500ngn. In applying this on my face, i usually dampen my face with water because it usually fall off when I apply. This product has a mint type of feeling on my face, and I usually wash it off with the Black Soap with Carrot. I usually apply it before my chores,so, i basically wash off after laundry, leaving it to stay for as long as possible.The after-wash feeling is actually refreshing, lol. I apply this on my face every Saturday morning, because I have a pimple/acne-free face. 

*Brightening Serum: Price: 1,500ngn. I usually mix this product with the Glowing  Cream. 

P.S: All products are made from organic products. Also, all pictures in this post were snapped using InfinixPhonePhotography.
So far, I have had a  great experience with this Brand and if you are looking to make that switch to organic products, I would recommend you try this one out. And guess what? They deliver worldwide. Check out their page on Instagram @anike_herbalsolutions for more info on their products and pricing. 

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored post. I have used this product for 7 months now and counting and all details are based on my experience with the Brand.

What products have you used on your skin?  What was your experience?? Feel free to share with me! 

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