Self-Affirmations to Imbibe Everyday

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog and if you are new here..welcome to my blog. 

 A lot has been happening with me lately, my birthday is in 2 days time FAM….I am excited, I am grateful and I am enthusiastic.

 Talk of being enthusiastic, there’s no word that is useless. Words you say to yourself or people say to you radiate energy towards you(positive or negative energy) but really to me what you say/think of yourself has more effect on you. So here are a few of the things/words I say to myself..

** I am enough. 

** Everything will be okay and tomorrow is going to be a better day. This is something I tell myself in difficult times.

** I am not a failure. This I say to myself at times when I try something new and it doesn’t work out. This is to nudge myself to keep trying.

** I am worthy. My worth is not attached to my skills or beauty or outlook in general. I am worthy because am alive.

** I am beautiful and pretty. There was a time when this was really useful. I talked about one of times like that here

**I have a great body. Now, there are times when I look at my scars and feel like crying or just feel weird. I remind myself with these words that my scars notwithstanding, I do have a great body.

**I am a river of love. Yes, because sometimes I get angry at people around me, myself, I tend to push people away. But when I say this to myself, it helps me realise just how much love I possess and can give.

**I live in today but am confident of tomorrow. I have been feeling and thinking of what tomorrow has in stock for me lately especially cus I’d soon be +1, so yeah this has been in use lately.

**I inspire someone. When I tell myself this, I realise just how important my smile is to someone, it helps me to stay happy regardless.

**I am blessed and loved. God loves me and am blessed.

**I have a valid dream and they will come true. Real soon.

There’s no doubt I do have my down moments when am actually uncontrollable. Lol, but these are words of affirmations that get my head right in the game and keep me going.What do you tell yourself when you feel down? Feel free to share with me in the comment section, I can’t wait to read them.



The Type of Friends You Need….

Hello everyone, its been a while… But hey! I missed being here. 

Friends, Friends, Friends…. We make some, and then loose some and then the cycle continues, lol. So, in my little experience of relationship with friends, I believe that there are just some friends that we really don’t need in our lives and there are some that are really worth keeping close. In this post, I’d be talking about those that are worth keeping.

Essentially, it is important to keep at the back of our minds that friendships are not a roller coaster ride and therefore, issues will occur as they are inevitable. So, this post is not to tell you that there won’t be problems but of course, that they are scaled through…. Together.

We have the Coach; this type of friend is most likely someone you don’t speak to all the time, but when you do, she recharges you and helps you feel more confident about your future. This type of friend offers you life training and/or advice from their own experiences to tell you that a bad phase you going through will pass. 

Then there’s the Comic Relief type of friend; ever need to unwind and cool off? Remember to invite them to the get away. With this type of friend, there is never a dull moment. Their presence lightens up your mood with smiles and laughter. This person makes you feel that there’s a good in every bad happening and helps you to laugh the pain away ultimately helping you go through tragedis with a positive mindset.

Ever feel like ranting about something that you are not pleased with? Or, you need to air your opinions about a topic that has got you sleepless? Get you a friend that listens, and is able to digest every word without misunderstanding you. The listener is a type of friend is trustworthy, they understand your pains and the struggle behind every victory. They are also very selfless in nature.

There’s the Intellectual friend too that helps you get past any academic block you experiencing. Not just academically, these type of friends are able to offer you insightful ideas and advice on any life challenge as well as motivate you to be yourself and stay original. 

Do you ever need to pass a message without having to talk? Or you ever want to say something without having to hold back on some words? You need a Soul Sister in your life then. This type of friends understand every gaze, smile, laugh and they can see right through you without you having to say a word. This can be your sibling- or a friend you met and clicked with while on a trip. With them, there are no boundaries and limits to what you can talk about. 
What type of friend are you? And have you found your Soul Sister? Let’s interact.

See you in my next post.



The Sunshine Blogger Award

So, this amazing blogger Aminat of Aminatawastories nominated me for this Sunshine award. Just when I thought I was only beginning and have not really gotten a hang of how it works. So, thank you Aminat for this nomination.

Here are the rules:

a) Thank the blogger that nominated you and drop the link to their blog.

b) Answer the questions from the blogger that nominated you

c) Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions

d) Post a sunshine blogger award picture on your blog.

My Answers to Aminat’s questions

1) What is that thing that you have done this year that has helped your blogging career? 

What I have done this year….. Nothing much really, basically curate posts and put word out. For me, it has been more of “you can do it” kind of feeling with my blog.

2) Apart from blogging, what else do you do?
I’m a student, studying Human Kinetics. So, when am not blogging, I am reading a novel, studying, watching a movie, sleeping, or hanging out with friends.

3) Who/What inspires your creativity?
I tend to draw inspiration from what I see and hear, basically I inspired by the happenings around me from music, to love, to relationships. 
Speaking of who inspires me…. There are a lot of people that inspires me to mention but a few. There’s Jane Micheal Ekanem, Mo Abudu, Jennifer Oseh, Adenike Oladimeji and most importantly God. 

4) How have you been able to scale through some of the challenges you have faced this year?
I remembered that I have God. This year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs but remembering that I have a heavenly father who is always there for me every step of the way and all times gave me the courage that I needed to carry on.

5) What is that food that you can never get tired of eating?
I love chicken and I love plantain. But, I don’t think there’s a food I can’t get tired of eating, as too much of everything is not good.

6) Your best blogging tool(s)?
My best blogging tools will be the social media share buttons, as it helps reach a wider range of readers. This is why I always encourage my readers at the end of my posts to share and follow. The follow helps me reach readers that have probably forgotten about my blog and helps the consistent readers stay informed about a new post.

7) Your best social media platform?

Instagram is my favorite.

8) Your ‘go-to’ inspirational quote?

Consistency is key

9) What kind of posts do you always look forward to on this blog?
I really don’t have a particular kind of post I look forward to. I just click when there’s a new post update from Aminat because I know her posts are always so relatable

10) Five things you can’t do without in a day?
1. Pray. Because I am nothing without The Almighty’s constant Grace.

2. Food, considering that am a serious foodie

3. Surf the internet

4. Watch a movie

5. Take a nap

11) What fear keeps you up at night?
That the world will end and there will be no second chance.

That’s it lovelies. And I feel like the questions Aminat asked are basically what I’d like to know with the exception of some, here they are:

1) What is that thing that you have done this year that has helped your blogging career?

2) Apart from blogging, what else do you do?

3) What inspires your creativity?

4) How have you been able to scale through some of the challenges you have faced this year?

5) Your best photography tool(s)?

6) Your best blogging tool(s)?

7) Your best social media platform?

8) Your ‘go-to’ inspirational quote?

9) What kind of posts do you always look forward to on this blog?

10) Five things you can’t do without in a day?

11) What fear keeps you up at night?

Now I tag the following bloggers 

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Wake Up, Pray, Slay….Optimism

Currently listening to Sia “Unstoppable” because honestly that’s how I feel right now.

Sneak peak into why am feeling like that is partly because I couldn’t get to make a post last weekend because apart from being swung in the hustle and bustle of owanmbe (this is what we call a wedding party in Nigeria), I couldn’t get someone to help snap my pictures. **struggles of a blogger**. But hey, here I am (thanks to a friend)… Guess what? I missed my blog FAM!

Wake up, Pray, Slay…. Trust me I wish I could actually do that, but this studying will not study itself(if you know, you know…lol.

FAM, in as much as I would have loved to actually just “Wake Up, Pray, Slay”, I couldn’t but thinking of these actually encouraged the “optimistic Gbemi” in me(not that am a pessimist).

Speaking of being optimistic, do you know that sometimes all we really need is one dose of optimism to kick pessimism in the butt? Yes, kick its butt… Why? It takes away your Joy and Inner Peace.

Optimism is a mental attitude —a happy belief that the outcome of some specific endeavor, or outcomes in general, will be good(wikipedia). Optimists always see and think positively even in bad situations. Pessimism is the opposite of what Optimism is. Pessimists think negatively and expect unpleasant results.

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Optimism boils down to how we talk to ourselves and what we think, say, to ourselves. Basically optimism is the soul of Positive thinking.

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.”
 Choose today to be optimistic and thus positive about every situation you find yourself in.

Cheers to being optimistic FAM, see you in my next post.



Believe in Miracles: Be You

Hey lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog, thanks for all the love in my previous post… and if you are new here; welcome.

Am currently listening to Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”.

Speaking of being just the way you are; one thing I have come to realise and learn is that people will always have an opinion about you.

Gbemi, you talk too much; Gbemi, you care too much; Gbemi this, Gbemi that(fill your name instead). 

Truth is, despite all these…. There’s something in you that makes you unique.

My outfit: Denim jean and Shoes from aleshinloye market, Ibadan. And the Tee is a thrifted item I got from a lady while I was making my hair sometime ago. You can tell the Tee inspired this post, yeah it did.

Our names are different, and so is our being! There’s something about you that separates you from the crowd. We can do the same thing differently; the difference is how we go about it and that’s what makes us different.

” Find your own light”.

Put your heart to being you, make your own decisions. No one can be a best version of you; even if they try, the difference will separate you from the fake.

“Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best”.
People will speak down on your personality and try to paint a negative version of whom they think you are, they will try to manipulate you; but embrace you and don’t be shaken.

” The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither do you need anything but be yourself”.- Lao Tzu.

Personally, I believe I am good enough, smart enough,fine enough, and strong enough and no one can be compared to me. What about you?



Events||What I Wore x Independence F_Art_shion Show 2017

Currently listening to Adventure of a Lifetime by Cold play 🎼. 

Yesterday was fun at The Freestyle Edition of The Independence F_Art_shion Show held at The Palms Mall, Ibadan.

Being the very first Fashion Show I’d attend (am not ashamed to confess that)…lol, I was really excited to attend this event. 

I found the escalator runway to be really cool, as its not something you find shows do all the time (I uploaded a video here).
My outfit….. 

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Thriving + Independence Day

Hi lovelies, so sorry for been away for such a long time. Thanks for always stopping by, you all keep me encouraged. Thanks for the love, I love you too.

Its the beginning of a new month, Happy new month; and if you are Nigerian(like I am), you would also know today is Independence Day. Yass! So, am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on life and challenges. Enjoy!

Ever been in a dark tunnel before? 

When the sunset comes, it covers daytime with its darkness and after a period of 8-10hours, there is daybreak again. This is how life’s challenges are, like sunset.

Some of these challenges will test your patience, courage,strength, weakness and faith. Sometimes, these challenges are blessings in disguise; so how we face them is what determines the kind of outcome we get. 
Remember “You are the architect of your Life”.

Clarify and prioritize your life.

What’s the purpose of your life, and what steps will you take to do what you want to do with your time? Big changes and challenges give us a gift—the opportunity of a fresh perspective to reassess our goals and our purpose. It takes time to process and heal, but the answers will become clear over time.

We have so much power and so many tools to live as healthily and mindfully as we can, like meditation, worship, prayers,exercise, and positive thinking.

An optimistic mind will help encourage you to keep going, no matter what the results are; whether things turn out as planned or not. Brooding over spilled milk will only stagnate you and make you bitter. Instead, embrace it and look forward to better days.

Remember “Happiness is not a reward – it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment – it is a result.”

Finally ,when the tough times come,talk to someone who can help. This may or may not be your friends. 

What’s important is that you find someone who can bring peace of mind to the situation you are going through. God is the utmost ,share your problems with Him. May God bring ease to us in our days of trials and tribulations.

Have a healthful ,peaceful and rewarding day and a memorable Independence celebration.



Skincare Product Haul + Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Am so excited and grateful; ‘cus its a new month and its another opportunity to start again. Happy new month to y’all!! 

Thanks for visiting my blog, have been receiving all your love and I must say that am so glad. Thank you so much guys.

In today’s post, I’d be talking about my latest skincare haul and review. Let’s dig in,shall we?!

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I basically came across the page online on Instagram earlier this year, February precisely.

Just after 4 days of usage 

I made my first order in March during a sale, although, I was not so enthusiastic about it, especially because of the risk that comes along with buying online. Now am glad I did because it brought me out of my Skincare Product Changing Frenzy ….lol.

Left: The former bag design Right: The new bag design

 In this package, I have; Black Soap with Cucumber Extract, Glowing Cream, Facial Mask, Brightening Serum.

The package also comes with a Product Manual. 

Price details and package details below.

*Black Soap with Cucumber Extract: Price: 3,500ngn. It comes in a container and this is the first time I am actually trying this product out. I was using the Black Soap with Carrot before now. So, I really don’t have much to say about it for now.

*Glowing Cream: Price: 2,500ngn. I usually mix the Brightening Serum in this for more visible effect. Basically, this gives my skin an immediate glow(natural)… I mean your skin will be glowing as if you applied a makeup highlight. Lol. I apply this on my skin after every bath.

After 4 months of usage…. Consistency is key

*Facial Mask: Price: 1,500ngn. In applying this on my face, i usually dampen my face with water because it usually fall off when I apply. This product has a mint type of feeling on my face, and I usually wash it off with the Black Soap with Carrot. I usually apply it before my chores,so, i basically wash off after laundry, leaving it to stay for as long as possible.The after-wash feeling is actually refreshing, lol. I apply this on my face every Saturday morning, because I have a pimple/acne-free face. 

*Brightening Serum: Price: 1,500ngn. I usually mix this product with the Glowing  Cream. 

P.S: All products are made from organic products. Also, all pictures in this post were snapped using InfinixPhonePhotography.
So far, I have had a  great experience with this Brand and if you are looking to make that switch to organic products, I would recommend you try this one out. And guess what? They deliver worldwide. Check out their page on Instagram @anike_herbalsolutions for more info on their products and pricing. 

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored post. I have used this product for 7 months now and counting and all details are based on my experience with the Brand.

What products have you used on your skin?  What was your experience?? Feel free to share with me! 

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Edo Meets Lagos In Love

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by. 

This will have to be the longest blog post I’d make here…

It was all glitz and glamour at the knot tying that ensued August  18th and 19th,2017 between Adeola and Eugene. Deets of the Wedding in pictures below, enjoy.

Makeup by 
@floxybeaute for @tintsmakeuppro, Hairstyling by @iamashabee  Styled @iamashabee

Dress by
@aprilbykunbi InfinixPhotography

Cake by 
@jamesbakkerng   InfinixPhotography

The Couple InfinixPhotography

Her bridesmaids slayed in this dress by 
@anncranberry Styled by @iamashabee , Hairstyling by @wrapunzell, and Makeup by @tintsmakeuppro InfinixPhotography

Makeup and Gele tying by 

The Groom
The Groom walked in style with his squad
The Bride and Her Squad did not come to play
The Asoebi Girls

P.S: Couldn’t get a picture of the whole lot of them.

The Bride

Details of Her Edo Attire Beads by 

The Couple joined in Matrimony


 Congratulations Mr and Dr. Mrs Ijiebor, May God bless your Union.

P.S: Apart from the pictures tagged ‘InfinixPhotography‘, all other pictures were shot by @weezy_scott. Also, if you need the service of an event planner and stylist contact me: 

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How to Overcome Failure: 6 Steps

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here welcome.  I must mention the fact that I feel so encouraged by you guys. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love y’all. 

A lot of people want to be successful, including me…lol, but half of us don’t want to go through the routine of failing before succeeding. Some are just blessed to try once and get it right, some others are bound to try and fail. The difference in those that fail is that some give up along the line,while others keep trying till their thirst for success is quenched.  In this post, I’d be sharing 6 ways to overcome failure and I hope it works for you as much as it does for me. Here we go:

1. Acceptance 

First accept that  your attempt failed. Accept that failing is a part of the success process, embrace it. 

2. Rant about it/ Take a walk

Yes,if taking a stroll around your street or surrounding doesn’t cut it…. talk about it….with yourself, with a friend. Just ensure that you let it out.

3. Move on 

After accepting that you failed, move on! I can’t but emphasize on this. Some people fail and simply brood on the failure like forever. 

Better still, why don’t you note the lessons you learnt from that experience…. It’d make your next trial easier as you are bound not to make the same mistakes.

4. Map out new plans 

After noting lessons learnt, make new plans. Yes! Make new plans and stick with them.

5. Take actions

There you are! The first the tips were easy right? It doesn’t get easier dear. Lol. Taking actions that’d bring your plans to reality may be a game changer. Why? Many want to take perfect actions that will lead to the ultimate goal. 

My take? Start as soon as you can. You can course-correct(correct as you go), so, you don’t have to make it perfect from the on-set. Waiting on the perfect time may lead to procrastination, so to avoid that, Start!

6. Have a high selfesteem

So, you’ve made your plans and you taking actions. In the course of taking actions, a lot will happen that may make you feel like giving up. A high self-esteem will help you overcome these feelings, and help you forge ahead. 

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